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About Us

Sorliof Canada Inc is an exporter of agricultural raw materials that secures and delivers a wide range of products to food manufacturers and processors as well as buyers and traders.

The customer satisfaction is our main priority and we always take the time to clearly identify and to meet their specific needs. Integrity and professionalism are also part of our core values, the goal being to satisfy our various business partners with quality products that meet their expectations and at very competitive prices.

Our team is therefore here to save you time, money and resources by providing you with main quality agri-food products from the best producers in Canada and from abroad.

       Sorliof Canada Inc at a glance:

• Strong relationships, professionalism, integrity and respect

• Direct supply from producers and processors

• Optimum quality products

• Competitive prices

• Compliance with laws, rules and regulations at all times

• Extensive network of trusted local and worldwide contacts